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My focus is on helping organizations make wise choices about energy resources.

Frank Stern is the managing director of engineering in the energy efficiency and demand-side management group within the Energy practice. He has a breadth of experience in a variety of areas in the energy industries, including energy program evaluation and planning, renewable energy, climate change policy analysis, generation asset and contract valuation, and competitive bidding resource selection.

With more than 25 years of experience, Frank advises some of the world’s largest energy companies and utilities. He has significant experience in both supply and demand sides of the electric utility industry, giving him insights into the multifaceted problems that frequently arise. On the supply side, Frank forecasts wholesale market and renewable energy credit prices, values fossil, nuclear and renewable assets, evaluates competitive bids for meeting generation requirements, and assesses the potential for renewable resources. On the demand side, Frank manages multiyear, multiprogram evaluations of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and demand response programs, including the consideration of cost-effectiveness and economic impacts, and assesses the potential for such programs going forward. His work frequently involves complex modeling using various types of tools.

Select engagements include:

  • PECO Energy Efficiency and Demand Response (EE/DR) Portfolio Evaluation and Redesign. Frank is currently managing a multiyear effort to evaluate a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficiency and demand response programs. The evaluations include both impact and process evaluation. The project involves coordination with the statewide evaluator and other electric distribution companies on issues related to protocol development, technical reference manual revision, measure cost estimates, avoided cost estimates, and sample design. Frank and his team developed comprehensive and practical operating plans for each program by leveraging their existing knowledge of PECO’s programs. The team also provided recommendations for utility financial incentive mechanism options associated with implementation of successful EE/DR programs to align PECO’s interests with the Commissions.
  • Potential Role of Demand Response Resources in Maintaining Grid Stability and Integrating Variable Renewable Energy. For California’s Demand Response Measurement & Evaluation Committee, Frank and his team evaluated the potential for using investor-owned utility DR resources to facilitate the integration of the renewable energy that will be needed to achieve California’s recently established 33 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard. The team found that certain types of DR resources could play a key role in renewable energy integration in California, if the right regulatory framework exists and the programs are cost-effective enough to compete with other sources of integration services. Frank managed a task to evaluate the amounts and types of renewable integration resources the California Independent System Operator will need as a result of achieving that “33% renewable resources by 2020” requirement. 

Frank has been an invited speaker on over 30 occasions at major industry conferences, has over 30 publications in journals and conference proceedings, and has testified on a variety of energy industry issues before state commissions and regulatory agencies. He is on the Building Energy Modeling, Rating, and Labeling working group in the Energy Efficiency Standardization Coordination Collaborative of the American National Standards Institute. He is a registered professional engineer (mechanical).

MS, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado;
BEDA, University of Colorado
Professional Engineer, Mechanical

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