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Boulder, CO +1.303.728.2500
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My focus is on helping organizations make wise choices about energy resources.

Frank Stern is a managing director of North American sustainability solutions practice. He has more than 25 years of experience in assisting organizations in making wise choices about energy resources, in a variety of areas related to sustainability, including greenhouse gas strategy, corporate sustainability, renewable energy, climate change policy analysis, energy efficiency and demand response program evaluation and planning, resource planning, generation asset and contract valuation, and competitive bidding resource selection. He has published numerous papers on energy issues and has testified as an expert witness before regulatory agencies. He has given conference presentations about renewable energy, energy efficiency, utility planning, ancillary services, and program evaluation. He is registered professional engineer (mechanical).

MS, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado;
BEDA, University of Colorado
Professional Engineer, Mechanical

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Frank Stern

Managing Director


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