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Dr. Rahul Surana is a director within Navigant’s securities & finance practice. Dr. Surana is an expert in disputes related to securities transactions and capital markets. He has testified in US on security investment related matter wherein the allegations involved inability to invest the settlement proceeds into certain preferred securities. Dr. Surana has provided an expert report on valuation of a private semiconductor company in Canada, and has also testified in international arbitration on value of technology.

Dr. Surana is an FINRA arbitrator and sits on a panel of judges to hear disputes between investors and securities firms. FINRA is the largest independent regulator of securities firms in the United States. As an arbitrator, he hears all sides of the issues as presented by parties, studies evidence, and then provides his decision on how the matter should be resolved.

Dr. Surana has published in peer‐reviewed journals and has presented in leading academic conferences.

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Penn State University
M.B.A.,University of California, Berkeley
B.S., Chemical Engineering, University Department of Chemical Technology


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Rahul Surana, Ph.D.



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