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Al Robinson is a Director in the Disputes and Investigations practice with extensive experience providing investigative and forensic accounting services. He assists clients in a variety of matters, including forensic accounting analysis in complex civil/criminal litigation, internal investigations, fidelity insurance claims, business intelligence, due diligence investigations, accounting malpractice, lost-profits analysis, and valuations.

Al has successfully investigated numerous cases, including allegations of conflict of interest involving executive management and board members, press leaks, national and international investment schemes, bank embezzlements, fraud in federal programs, public corruption, organized crime, money laundering, and foreign/domestic terrorism. Those investigations have required conducting interviews, analysis of financial statements and other accounting-related records, forensic processing of documents/computers, etc. He has testified in U.S. District Court on numerous occasions in support of those matters.

As a former FBI agent, Al’s investigative/forensic accounting experience includes responsibility for the development and implementation of the investigative strategies utilized by the FBI in some of the largest fraud investigations ever conducted. He is a recognized speaker concerning white collar crime and federal initiatives in health care.

B.S., Accounting, University of Baltimore
*CPA, Texas

*While many of Navigant’s professionals are Certified Public Accountants licensed in various states, Navigant is not a certified public accounting firm, and neither our professionals nor Navigant provide attest, or public accounting services.

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