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Dale Probasco

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Dale Probasco is a Managing Director in the Energy practice and leads the Generation Services practice. With more than 35 years of experience in managerial and consulting positions in the electric utility and construction industries, Dale provides a broad range of generation-related services, including fleet management, performance improvement, benchmarking, and fleet transformation services.

Dale applies his expertise to a broad range of assignments—from developing corporate and business unit strategy, managing plant construction, developing and implementing generation asset management programs, improving power plant operations, power plant staffing and operational benchmarking to providing support on nuclear plant construction and operating cost litigation projects. His professional career includes advising investor-owned utilities (IOUs), independent power producers (IPPs), cooperatives, and public power entities.

As Managing Director, Dale led a comprehensive effort applying decision analysis and real options analysis regarding the evaluation of generation alternatives for a major Canadian utility. Utility personnel were initially trained on the use of both analysis methodologies and how they can help manage the risk profiles of various alternative scenarios. The team supported the utilities regulatory filing, including review and comment on testimony files and response to intervener’s interrogatories.

The project involved the analysis of four major technologies—hydro, coal, natural gas, and nuclear options. Further, option analysis was prepared for the financial aspects of the alternatives, including impacts of inflation, interest rates, project costs and schedule delays. 

With Dale’s expertise and extensive knowledge of the generation industry, the Energy practice’s Generation Knowledge Service Suite (GKS Gold® Suite) has expanded its suite of value-based decision tools to meet the growing demands for cost/performance information by the leading U.S. and Canadian generation companies. As the undisputed industry leader in fossil and hydro benchmarking, Navigant is responding to the world's evolving energy generation mix by expanding these web-enabled benchmarking services  to the international market.

B.S., Marketing Management, Utah State University
Graduate, U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program
Navy Nuclear Plant Operator

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Dale Probasco

Managing Director


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