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Carsten Petersdorff is a director at Navigant, where he assists corporate clients, associations, and governments in developing strategies for implementation that meets the needs of the future urban energy system. Carsten, who joined Navigant through the acquisition of Ecofys in 2016, was initially responsible for activities in the built environment in Germany. Throughout his 20 years at the firm Carsten has held several management positions, and is an expert in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy solutions spanning both climates and cultures. He has been involved in projects throughout Europe, Maghreb, Mashreq, and the Middle East. 

Prior to Navigant, Carsten worked at the University of Aachen.


Dipl.-Physics, Technical University of Aachen
Membership and Activity Information
2012 - present, Member of the advisory board of DENEFF the “German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency”
2011- present, Member of Selection Committee 100 Climate protection housing estates of the Federal State of North Rhine- Westphalia
1999 - 2006, Member of IEA Task 28, Leader of working group: Life Cycle Assessment

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Carsten Petersdorff


+49 221 65032521

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