Scott R. Paczosa

Managing Director

Legal & Business Risk

Chicago - Headquarters, IL +1.312.583.2150

Areas of Expertise

Scott Paczosa is a managing director in the Chicago office of Navigant Consulting, Inc. In his global leadership role in strategic initiatives, he identifies emerging issues and develops strategic responses to breaking market developments.

We live in an age where we are constantly flooded with information. It takes an expert to help us navigate our way to solutions that work. Paczosa has focused on data analytics and trend analysis to provide insight and value to his clients. Through focused data analytics, he can:

  • Decipher and track trends
  • Understand the impact of those trends on his clients
  • Map those trends according to a specific client’s needs
  • Create solutions that prepare clients to deal with issues—or avoid them altogether

In his 25-year career, Paczosa has worked with a variety of industries. His current projects include:


  • Large bank investigations and litigation
  • Consumer finance investigations and litigation
  • Regulatory enforcement activity/focus
  • Rates-based investigations and litigation


  • Managed care investigations and litigation
  • Opioid investigations and litigation


  • White collar investigations
  • Antitrust litigations
  • Securities litigations
  • Data breach

Paczosa has coordinated a wide array of services to his clients, which include Fortune 10 corporations and law firms, across numerous industries. These include banking, Energy, finance, Healthcare, insurance, security, steel and transportation

His services in these industries have included Investigative and litigation services, expert witness, testimony, restructuring, valuation, strategy, M&A, due diligence, compliance and innovative risk reduction

Paczosa frequently works with corporate executives and attorneys from leading law firms to develop innovative solutions for complex issues, both domestic and international. He was intimately involved in developing Navigant’s approach to assisting clients caught up in the turmoil of the credit crisis. He also spearheaded many of Navigant’s programs, including data reach, Healthcare, antitrust, employment, white collar, mortgage servicing, securities initiatives and key accounts.

For his corporate clients, Paczosa has created efficiencies and generated cost savings by accelerating the resolution of litigation. He accomplished this through his leadership role in the development of an integrated conflict management approach that includes early warning systems, early case management, and root cause analysis.

B.A., University of Iowa

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Scott R. Paczosa

Managing Director


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