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Eli Morillo is a director in Navigant’s Global Investigations & Compliance practice, based in Dallas, TX. He has deep expertise in AML compliance, and has led global sanctions, due diligence and transaction monitoring operations across over 200 countries, managing teams of over 300 individuals worldwide. He has also held leadership positions in the world’s two largest Money Services Businesses and has partnered with large banks and regulators globally.

Eli is a former Compliance Executive who has more than 20 years of experience specialized in regulatory compliance remediation, compliance program development, and compliance operations.

Eli was the head of global AML transaction monitoring and investigations, sanctions screening, global customer due diligence, enhanced customer due diligence, and the global financial intelligence unit (“FIU”). He ran large compliance operations across three continents, with over 300 employees within Eli's organization collectively. Eli also previously led the Americas (U.S., Canada, Latin America and Caribbean), EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), and APAC (Asia Pacific) regional compliance teams by providing guidance on AML & fraud compliance matters. The regional compliance teams are responsible for developing and maintaining key regulatory relationships, guiding awareness and training on compliance matters, carrying out local compliance program reviews in the field and supporting third party agents to meet compliance requirements. Additionally, Eli led a large operations compliance operations back office which provided support to regional teams in over 200 countries. He also has significant experience working thru regulatory remediation and managing relationships with corporate monitors under various regulatory enforcement actions.

Eli also served for nearly 10 years as director, AML global field operations at The Western Union Company, where he oversaw compliance staff world-wide who supported the company’s agent base, as well as oversaw compliance implementation for major mergers and acquisitions. Prior to Western Union, Eli was responsible for Risk Management functions at Conseco Finance. He has significant experience leading and developing global teams.

Masters Degree, International Business, University of Denver
Bachelor of Economics, Accounting, University of Santa Clara

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