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Life Sciences

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Areas of Expertise

Sonya Kwon is a Managing Director in the Disputes and Investigations practice, specializing in providing financial, statistical, and complex data intensive analyses in support of complex litigation and expert witness testimony. She is an expert in the area of structured data collection, database design and development, and analysis of financial, transactional, and operational data.  Sonya also leads the class actions practice and specializes in consumer class action, overdraft fee, and wage and hour matters.

Sonya has successfully led numerous data-intensive matters, including regulatory and governmental investigations, consumer class action suits, financial and accounting investigations, commercial bank and insurance matters, entertainment royalty audits, and other cases requiring the analysis of structured data or complex data modeling.

Sonya specializes in the cost-effective and total quality management of large dataset capture and analysis and has worked with Fortune 100 companies in analyzing data from the largest warehouses. Sonya has developed numerous relational database design, data quality management, economic modeling, and computer programming courses for fellow employees and clients. She has served as a named expert on numerous matters involving class action issues, database management and analytics, employment wage and hour, and damages.

Selected engagement experiences include leading teams assisting in:

  • The defense of a large international bank involved in a wage and hour case regarding alleged overtime and missed break violations
  • The defense of a major healthcare provider in an employment dispute regarding regular rate and other pay related issues
  • The defense of a large professional services organization in a class action employment dispute regarding misclassification issues
  • The defense of a major entertainment studio in response to allegations from a participant regarding allocation of distribution costs for cable and pay television, home video, theatrical, and non-theatrical income
  • The defense of a major insurance company in a consumer class action matter regarding allegations of false advertising to their borrowers
  • The defense of a global financial services company in a marketing matter regarding allegations of false advertising to their customers
  • The investigation of a major provider of online information involved in a theft of trade secret matter involving competing subscription providers of online and hard copy information
  • The defense of a large commercial bank involved in a corporate trust class action lawsuit pertaining to corporate trust accounting practices

The defense for a major insurance company in a consumer class action matter involving allegations that a certain software program allegedly underestimated insurance claim amounts.

M.B.A., University of California, Los Angeles
B.A., University of California, Berkeley

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Sonya Kwon

Managing Director


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