Dave Kleinschmidt

Managing Director

Market Intelligence Service Group Leader - Energy

Burlington, MA +1.781.270.8308

Areas of Expertise

Dave Kleinschmidt is a Managing Director in the Energy practice. He has extensive experience in technical, financial, market and strategic evaluations for all types of traditional, emerging and new electric power technologies.

He has worked on combustion by-product disposal issues at coal-fired utilities. He has been deeply involved in the international Independent Private Power (IPP) business, including market studies, strategy development and the initiation of several new client business. He has in-depth knowledge of power consumption in the industrial sector, including sectoral energy consumption surveys, assessment of new technology impacts on energy consumption patterns, impact of energy prices and rate structure on production economics, on-site energy audits, development of national projections and program recommendations.

Dave has been involved in various aspects of R&D planning, institutional assessment, and design of national policies/programs for the industrial sector. He has managed and conducted field work on large projects in the United States and abroad, including South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Pacific Rim.

Dave has interacted extensively with senior government officials, research institutions, industry liaison committees, trade associations, and corporate, company and plant management.

B.S., M.S., Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

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Dave Kleinschmidt

Managing Director


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