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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Murthy Kambhampaty is a Director and Principal with Navigant Economics and has extensive experience in the economic analysis of mergers and antitrust issues, class certification, regulation, commercial damages, patents, infrastructure investment, and economic impact analysis. He has testified or provided expert economic analysis in U.S. litigation and arbitration, European Commission cartel and merger investigations, antitrust investigations by the U.S. Federal agencies, merger review and post-closing investigations by U.S. Federal agencies and other economic policy issues before U.S. Federal and state agencies or legislative bodies.

Murthy has provided complex economic analysis involving numerous industries including agriculture (animal feeds, beef packing, farming, land conservation, pesticides, poultry processing), automobiles, basic industries (chemicals, coal, glass, paper, and steel), mining equipment, oilfield equipment and services, refineries and petrochemicals, technology industries (DRAM, electronic data storage systems, electronic data backup and tape storage systems, personal video recorders, biotechnology, licensing of databases), pharmaceutical and biotechnology drugs (development and marketing, formularies, prescription benefit management, public policy regarding generic and bio-similar drugs, and regulation), consumer packaged goods (baking mixes, baking powder, beer, breakfast cereal, breakfast syrup, deodorants, food storage bags, fish sticks, frozen dinners, frozen pizza, razors, refrigerated dough products, refrigerated and shelf-stable pickles, snack foods, toothbrushes, and toothpaste), media (direct-to-consumer advertising, newspapers, media ratings, video rental and retailing), transportation (surface and air transportation, passenger cruise lines, parcel tankers), and telecommunications.

Ph.D, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
M.A., Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B.E., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Andhra University

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Murthy Kambhampaty, Ph.D.



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