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Areas of Expertise

Stephen Hastie, a Director in the Energy practice, has been involved in energy-related marketing, research and communications for the past 30 years. He has extensive experience in energy efficiency/renewable energy programs, working with stakeholders to reach agreement, information dissemination, market and evaluation research, business case development, program and product development and rollout, regulated and unregulated environments, and writing and production of marketing, advertising and informational materials.

Steve’s project experience includes efforts to:

  • Identify best practices in program design
  • Design, implement, and evaluate energy efficiency programs
  • Estimate market potential for specific products in specific regions or jurisdictions
  • Work with stakeholders to reach consensus on policies and strategies
  • Train and prepare materials for communicating to a range of audiences about products and services
  • Conduct roundtables and focus groups to investigate customer decision-making practices and satisfaction related to products and services
  • Forecast likely penetration of products and services
  • Test advertising messages, design concepts, and effectiveness
  • Assess brand loyalty, name recognition and image
  • Determine pricing points and incentive levels
  • Develop and refine program or product features and determine program cost effectiveness
  • Estimate marketing program impacts

Selected engagement experiences include:

  • Led a field study as part of the team investigating emerging DSM technologies to determine whether promotion of laundry detergent specially designed to clean in cold water could result in energy-savings impacts due to behavioral change, in order to determine whether such an activity should be promoted by the utility as part of its DSM portfolio
  • Is currently the project manager for evaluation of one utility's entire DSM portfolio.  He is also project manager for the impact evaluation of another company's residential portfolio (previously having directed the process evaluation effort for the utility's entire portfolio). This has included demand response programs and has involved deep review of the utility’s DSM tracking systems, interactions with implementation contractors, assessment of residential and non-residential program designs, sample design, telephone and on-site surveys, project metering, and other research.
  • Developed and conducted an online study of the impacts of an energy efficiency pledge (behavioral) program, including consumer and qualitative market actor research into the program’s effectiveness and the extent to which local partner organizations successfully facilitated participation in the program.
B.A. Sociology

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Member, Association of Energy Services Professionals

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