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Carlo N. Hamelinck

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Carlo Hamelinck (PhD) is senior strategic advisor on biomass for energy and materials. He has an extensive understanding of production supply chains from biomass feedstock via conversion, distribution to end-use application in various sectors, combined with dimensions of economic viability, international trade, sustainability, policies and support measures. He has almost twenty years of expertise in the field of biofuels, biomass and biomaterials.

Carlo is a trusted advisor to both corporate and governmental clients. He has lead a large consortium four times to report to the European Commission on the status of the European biofuels and bioenergy market and how it impacts other markets, commodities, and socio-economic and environmental sustainability aspects. His team has assisted the Commission since 2009 in the scrutiny of voluntary sustainability schemes and in 2015 delivered the GLOBIOM study on Indirect Land Use Change related to EU biofuels. Over the past decade, Carlo advised to many national governments in the EU, Africa and South America, on their biofuels support measures and feedstock sustainability policies.

Carlo and his team assist corporate clients (industries and investors) in project development through due diligences and business plan support. Their work ranges from preliminary technical designs to strategic roadmaps. They assist oil companies in developing their strategy towards biofuels markets and feedstock procurement, by combining techno-economic insights with market developments at global and national scales. They advise energy companies on strategic alliances to develop new bioenergy activities or strengthen existing activities. Carlo connects the political frameworks to the practical and economic reality and often works on the intersection of policy and market.

Carlo is often invited for conference and workshop contributions, where he supports and challenges the stakeholders, facilitating discussions and decisions. He connects stakeholders and strengthens the common interest. He is passionate and visionary about the opportunities that biomass offers, while also realistic about challenges and concerns related to its production and use. His overarching goal is to sustainably increase the contribution of biomass to renewable energy.

PhD Chemistry, Utrecht University
MSc Chemical Technology, Eindhover University

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Carlo N. Hamelinck

Associate Director

+31 30 662 3496

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