Jeremy J. Guinta

Associate Director

Los Angeles, CA +1.213.670.2768

Areas of Expertise

As an Associate Director, Jeremy Guinta plays an integral role in advising trial attorneys on economic and damage calculations and complex data related to disputes. He has more than 14 years’ experience in litigation consulting and complex data analysis. Jeremy specializes in performing complex data analysis, including complex statistical procedures to develop trends and predictive analysis. Typically, he performs these calculations in support of litigation and the calculation of damages.

Jeremy has consulted with some of the leading trial attorneys and top litigators in the United States to assist them with data management, complex data analysis and calculation of damages. He typically has executed engagements under privilege but has also supported expert testifiers with the analysis and synthesis of complex data. He has worked on a variety of different engagements that span various areas of law.

Over the past 14 years, Jeremy has managed, analyzed and calculated damages for discrimination matters brought under various federal laws and various Wage and Hour matters brought at the state level. He has also performed complex regression analysis assessing adverse impact across protected classes. Additionally, Jeremy has analyzed class certification issues on various engagements and prepared specific analysis to show how individualized inquiry was necessary. He has also prepared specific statistical tests to demonstrate that class members are statistically different from one another. Lastly, Jeremy has extensive experience in False Claim Act litigation and Federal Whistleblower matters.

Jeremy retains a variety of technical skills and tools used to perform his work. He is an expert programmer and database administrator in SQL and an expert programmer in R.

B.A., Economics, University of California at Davis

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Jeremy J. Guinta

Associate Director


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