Tanya Gross

Managing Director

Data and Analytics

Hong Kong London London: +44 20 7015 8803 Hong Kong: +852 2233 2511

Areas of Expertise

Tanya has spent the past decade managing investigations and disputes that involve data (unstructured, structured and semi-structured formats). She has led large scale evidence and disclosure management exercises in the UK, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, the Middle East and the US.

As head of Navigant's Global Legal Technology Solutions practice in London, Tanya leads the team’s client delivery and practice development efforts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Asian Pacific (APAC), including e-discovery, digital forensics, information security, structured analytics, and custom solutions.

One of Tanya's strengths is leading and developing teams. She contributed to the growth and expansion of Navigant’s London team, ensuring the delivery a broad variety of work in line with the global practice, and more recently Tanya spent time in Hong Kong to set up Navigant’s Legal Technology operations in the region. This provided the global team with a regional base to deliver work, expanding upon the teams’ global presence through the implementation of 24/7 working, delivering seamless support to clients where large data volumes exist.

As an accomplished practitioner, Tanya is able to convey the technical detail in a language her clients understand. Having worked in the industry for a long period, Tanya has a thorough understanding of the challenges involved in managing large scale data management exercises and has become a trusted advisor in her field. Her experience covers a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sector, including financial services, construction, retail and manufacturing, and a wide variety of issues including arbitration, litigation, intellectual property, fraud, antitrust/competition, regulatory and employment matters.

Certified Clearwell Administrator
Comptia Network+ Certified
Comptia A+ Certified

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Tanya Gross

Managing Director

London: +44 20 7015 8803 Hong Kong: +852 2233 2511

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