Joao dos Santos

Managing Director

Disputes and Economics

Los Angeles, CA +1.213.670.3286

Areas of Expertise

Joao dos Santos is a Managing Director at Navigant’s Global Disputes & Investigations practice with more than 20 years of experience in applying economic, statistical and complex database methodologies, commonly involving large volumes of data, to assist clients facing complex legal, regulatory and risk challenges.

Joao’s experience in disputes and investigations covers various issues, including forensic investigations of allegations of misconduct, assessment of materiality and loss causation, evaluation of Rule 23 class certification requirements, and quantification of economic damages.

He has led engagements involving a variety of litigation matters, including securities and white collar fraud, class actions, healthcare, and complex commercial disputes. He has been appointed as an expert in arbitration proceedings, state and federal courts, and submitted expert reports to regulatory agencies.

Joao’s experience in management consulting engagements includes the application of economic and finance theories and complex database analytics to issues ranging from strategic planning and forecasting to customer relationship management and economic impact analyses. He has lead various large data analytics engagements to evaluate the potential impact of alternative business, taxation and regulatory scenarios.

Selected experiences include leading teams on the following engagements:

Dispute Resolution and Forensic Investigations

  • Healthcare Claim Adjudication Dispute – In an arbitration proceeding between a payer and a provider of healthcare services, conducted review of claims data to examine the adjudication process, evaluated expert opinion of economic damages, and served as neutral statistics expert.

  • Forensic Investigation of Alleged Misconduct – For a hedge fund involved in a joint investigation by the SEC, NFA and CFTC, conducted complex data, financial and statistical analyses of historical trading activities and patterns to evaluate trading costs and execution performance.

  • Breach of Contract Dispute – For a pharmaceutical company involved in a breach of contract dispute regarding R&D financing, conducted analysis of contractual terms, financial projections, and statistical simulations of business scenarios to evaluate liability and loss-causation, and to quantify lost profits.

  • Consumer Class Action – For an electric utility involved in a consumer class action, evaluated Rule 23 class certification criteria. Work included reconstruction and analysis of billing database spanning a period over 10 years and including more than a million consumer accounts.

  • Wage and Hour Class Action – For a general building contractor facing claims related to unpaid wages, built and analyzed complex relational database of time-keeping, payroll, and GPS data to evaluate class certification requirements and to estimate potential economic damages.

  • Forensic Investigation of Alleged Market Manipulation – On behalf of the Department of Justice, built complex relational database and executed data analyses designed calculate economic gains or losses resulting from alleged manipulation of specific interest/exchange rates.

  • Energy (Environmental Tort) – For a minority owner of an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, quantified exposure to economic damages claims, fines, and penalties resulting from an explosion at the well and subsequent oil spill.

  • Real Estate Dispute – In a dispute related to the partial condemnation of a real estate property, was retained as expert witness by the Arizona Department of Transportation to examine an alleged property value diminution claim.

Strategic Consulting, Economic and Financial Studies

  • Regional Economic Impact Study – For a large U.S. parks and resorts company, conducted economic impact analyses to estimate the potential incremental economic, taxation, and qualitative social impacts of a proposed expansion of its theme parks in the U.S. and China. Work included the development of input-output macro-economic models to quantify the direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts on selected economic areas resulting from potential investment scenarios. Deliverables included drafting of report and presentation to C-suite officers and government officials.

  • Demand/Price Analysis and Lifecycle Management – For various U.S. pharmaceutical companies, directed empirical studies to render strategic recommendations on product pricing, marketing and lifecycle management. Work included supervision of primary market research, econometric modeling and financial simulations of product price and market share evolution, review of net present value of alternative strategic options.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions – For an Indian tribe with a coal mine on its land, performed valuations and created scenario analysis to examine the tax benefits stemming from the potential repurchase of the mine. Work product included discounted cash flow analysis and consultation through due diligence and price negotiations.
M. Sc., Applied Economics, Rutgers University
B. S., Environmental and Business Economics, Rutgers University
G. H. Cook Scholar, G. H. Cook Honors Program, Rutgers University
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Board Member, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles

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