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Julie M. Carey is an energy economist and a Director with Navigant Consulting, Inc. She has more than 20 years of experience addressing economic issues across the energy sector including: crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, power, renewables, coal, pipelines and railroad industries as well as energy intensive industries such as manufacturing and chemicals.

Julie’s expertise includes economic analyses of market dynamics (supply, demand and pricing) as well as market structure, competition, and market manipulation claims. She has substantial experience analyzing economic damages (historical and future lost profit analyses) and conducting asset valuation analyses. She has assessed and quantified economic damages and valuations in dozens of cases. In addition, Julie analyzes economic issues with energy contracts and contracting practices, and conducts macroeconomic modeling (i.e. jobs, GDP, taxes) and environmental analysis.

For her assignments, Julie frequently employs statistical and econometric analyses. In addition, she routinely uses her energy economic skillset to provide expert testimony in commercial disputes and regulatory proceedings on topics related to energy markets and contracts, economic damages and valuations as well as macroeconomic issues.

Julie has provided expert testimony dozens of times before U.S. and Canadian regulatory agencies, U.S. courts, and before international arbitration tribunals. She frequently provides media interviews and speaks at energy industry conferences about energy market dynamics and economic issues. Julie has worked with U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, the Economist, Oil and Gas Journal, USA Today, Sinclair Broadcasting, among others.

Selected project experience:

  • Expert report before FERC demonstrating no harm to competition from the acquisition of a generating asset.
  • Expert report in a bankruptcy court proceeding regarding past and future economic damages and economics of the product market, supply, demand and pricing.
  • Expert consulting in a commercial dispute providing an economic analysis of crude oil markets, pricing and analysis of rail, truck, and pipeline transportation economics.
  • Expert testimony in an international arbitration for an aluminum manufacturer involving an energy supply agreement dispute quantifying past and future economic damages.
  • Expert testimony of economic incentives, economic efficiency, and market power implications of a proposed wholesale power market rule for transmission allocation.
  • Expert report in an international arbitration providing an analysis of the solar panel market, reasonableness of market prices and the market value of solar power products.
  • Expert consulting assisting a client seeking approval of negotiated rates for a crude oil pipeline with a competition analyses and economic analyses of the negotiations process.
  • Expert consulting in a natural gas tolling contract dispute providing an economic analysis of natural gas and power markets and an analysis of past and future economic damages.
  • Expert report analyzing the economic impact (GDP, jobs etc.) from a newly proposed power plant and evaluating the potential impact on competition.
M.A., Economics, The Pennsylvania State University
B.A., Economics, Allegheny College

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