Peter H. Asmus

Principal Research Analyst

San Francisco, CA +1.415.399.2137

Areas of Expertise

I believe in the value of strong teamwork, and therefore look forward to forging a collaboration with NCI on cutting edge topics such as nanogrids, microgrids, and virtual power plants.

As a principal research analyst, Peter Asmus has emerged as a leading global expert on microgrids and virtual power plants. With 25 years experience, Peter is author of four books on energy and environmental issues, and has served as a consultant to many leading corporations (General Electric, Sunpower, Clipper Wind), government agencies (California Energy Commission, California Air Resources Board) and non-profit agencies (Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies, Governor's Wind Energy Coalition, Independent Energy Producers, Center For Resource Solutions.) His prime expertise is integration of renewable energy to the grid, public policy analysis, writing and public speaking.

Peter Asmus is co-author of the following research studies:

Market Data: Microgrids, 1Q 2013, Navigant Research

Virtual Power Plants, 1Q 2013, Navigant Research

Microgrid Enabling Technologies, 3Q 2012, Navigant Research

B.A., Journalism - University of Wisconsin

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Peter H. Asmus

Principal Research Analyst


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