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David Alspector is a director in the energy efficiency/demand side management (EE/DSM) group of the Energy practice. Dave primarily manages evaluation and program design activities for utilities’ portfolios of EE/DSM programs, specifically applying his education in building science engineering to inform the impact and cost-effectiveness analysis.

Dave has experience evaluating various program implementation strategies for energy efficiency measures across all end-uses in the commercial, industrial and residential customers. During his time at Navigant Dave has experience with the following technologies and programs: mid-stream CFL buy-down programs, prescriptive rebates for residential variable speed pool pumps and consumer appliances, appliance recycling programs, residential audit and retrofit programs, commercial, multi-family and single-family new construction, and commercial/industrial custom and prescriptive rebates for lighting, HVAC, motor, refrigeration and control measures.

Selected engagements include:

  • Managing and coordinating impact and process evaluation activities, market effects research, and cost-effectiveness screening for 11 residential and commercial energy efficiency programs for a large southwestern utility since 2008. Assists in applying evaluation results to inform implementation planning to grow the overall impacts and increase cost-effectiveness of the efficiency programs. Works directly with the client to identify program-specific research activities, coordinates field research activities, maintains portfolio-wide impact evaluation and program design tool, and manages annual impact and process evaluation report development.
  • Development of a cost-effectiveness guide and supporting spreadsheet tool to assist Canadian utilities in applying the Total Resource Cost Test, Soceital Cost Test, Ratepayer Impact Cost Test, Program Administrator Cost Test, Participant Cost Test, and the Levelized Cost of Energy at the measure, program, and portfolio level.
  • Managing the characterization of over 300 energy efficiency measures spanning multiple end-uses for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors to support the potential modelling for a large mid-western utility. Provided guidance to a team of analysts and reviewed estimates of annual energy and demand savings, material and labor costs, measure lifetimes, and technology densities. Assisted project manager in responses to client and stakeholder inquiries, as well as baseline data collection and program design activities.
  • Training and mentoring of Navigant Engineering staff.

M.S. Building Science Program in Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Colorado, Boulder
B.S. Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, Duke University

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