Sustainable Management of Forestry and Agriculture in Corporate Supply Chains

Navigant informs new accounting methodology for greenhouse gas impacts from land use change

A new accounting methodology offers guidance to support forest protection and soil restoration as part of corporate carbon strategies. It enables companies to effectively measure greenhouse gas emissions from land, forests, and soils across their supply chain, and can support science-based climate target setting efforts.

Navigant informed the accounting methodology and guidance with its comprehensive expertise in corporate climate strategies and land use change. The guidance was developed within an unprecedented, collaborative multi-stakeholder initiative led by Quantis, and convened more than 40 private companies, NGOs, governments, and scientific institutions.

The ground-breaking accounting framework aims to help industries transform in order to avoid the negative impacts of land-use change. Eleven pilot projects were implemented with Braskem, IKEA, PMI, General Mills, CDP, WWF and others.

The guidance is expected to serve as a resource for eventual standardization through the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, supplier of the world's most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards.

Download the guidance and find more details in the Quantis press release.

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