Industry Potential to Increase Flexibility of Electricity Demand

Navigant analyzed how industry in Northern Germany could contribute to greater grid flexibility

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In a study for the Renewable Energy Cluster Hamburg, Navigant and Averdung Ingenieure investigated the potential of the industry in Northern Germany to render the energy demand more flexible.

Due to the growing share of volatile renewable energy sources in the power grid, there is an increased need for flexibility in the energy system. As one of the largest consumers, industry could play a crucial role in this. Making electricity loads more flexible could help synchronize demand and generation, avoid network bottlenecks and thus ensure network stability and cost efficiency.

The study outlines options for flexible production processes and provides an inventory of the electricity market, available electricity storage options, and current sector coupling technologies. The energy experts developed scenarios and business cases in view of the region’s demand and derived recommendations for both industry and policy.

Download the FlexIndustry study (in German) from:

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