Finnfund Calculates Investment Portfolio Climate Impact

In a recent Finnfund press release, Navigant helps reveal the company’s latest figures for their climate impact portfolio report

Finnfund, a development financier based in Finland, has begun calculating the climate impact of its entire investment portfolio annually. Calculations have shown that their investments in forestry have sequestered more than half a million-carbon dioxide equivalent tones (tCO2eq) in the atmosphere and their investments in clean energy avoided emissions in developing countries by 64,000 tCO2eq.

Finnfund’s calculations stem from the company’s desire to better understand their investment’s climate impact, with completed calculations covering both their 2016 and 2017 portfolios. The Navigant team has helped Finnfund in compiling these calculations, which has provided an opportunity to analyze and develop the portfolio based on measurable and annually monitored quantitative data.

In 2017 Finnfund made a total of EUR 75.5 million to climate-related projects, of which 45.5% went towards mitigation, 31.8% went towards adaptation, and 22.8% was for both mitigation and adaptation. Currently, the total avoided emissions of renewable energy are 911 tCO2eq per EUR one million invested. The avoided emissions are considerably higher than the carbon footprint of the investment.

The company’s key objectives and development achievements are the mitigation of climate change and support for adaptation, this is evidenced by their investment in renewable energy, sustainable forestry, and agricultural and financial institutions, including microfinance. Additionally, Finnfund’s investments are a key part of Finland’s official climate-related financing.

Read the Finnfund press release.

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