Bob Anderson Discusses How Rob Porter Could Have Been a Target for Blackmail

Alex Witt - MSNBC

Navigant's Bob Anderson, a former FBI assistant director, appeared on MSNBC with Alex Witt. He explained how Rob Porter handling sensitive information with an interim White House security clearance may implicate national security concerns. Anderson dove into how the allegations of domestic abuse made against Porter complicate the matter even further.

Anderson stated that the security clearance process is in place for a reason. Items briefed at the National Security Agency up to the Oval Office are some of the most sensitive matters in our country. One reason for a top-secret clearance is to prevent individuals that could potentially be blackmailed from holding this type of highly classified information. Porter handled sensitive documents with just an interim security clearance and was potentially a target.

Dozens of White House employees only have an interim clearance, including President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, but these employees still attend the daily intelligence briefing. Anderson stated that the White House may not be giving this the attention it deserves.

Furthermore, Anderson explained that the president can declassify FISA warrants with Executive Privilege, but this may not be the problem. Anderson thinks the issue may be that there is a process of oversight with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees where if there is an issue with part of a classified investigation, they can review it with the agencies they think are at fault. The Nunes memo puts them in a tough situation because they must go back to following procedures.

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