The Rise of AI in Corporate Investigations

In an article for Law360, Richard Chalk, Navigant and Zachary Adams, Squire Patton Boggs, LLP, discuss the Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in corporate investigations.

The recent growth of corporate data, both in volume and complexity, is exponential and unabated. With new systems and devices constantly being developed, this trend is sure to continue. One byproduct of this growth has been a commensurate increase in the complexity of corporate investigations, as lawyers are faced with vast amounts of data to sift through. In response, artificial intelligence is increasingly being incorporated into government investigations to organize and analyze large, diverse sources of data and documents.

AI has made inroads at both the corporate and government level, as in-house counsel and compliance teams are now relying on AI technology prophylactically to identify risks before they escalate. As regulators implement AI technology for their own enforcement and supervision efforts, they will naturally become more comfortable with companies utilizing the technology as part of their own internal investigations.

The breadth and scope of corporate data being generated has created numerous challenges for investigators seeking information in criminal, civil and regulatory cases. AI can focus large-scale reviews of emails and other documents, for example, “unstructured data”, an essential component of many internal investigation and the area AI has gained most industry traction.

Used correctly, AI will drive efficiency and accuracy within investigations, however it is essential that the technical data, legal and compliance teams work together when integrating AI into an investigative workflow.

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