Combat Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats are not only happening with greater frequency, they are also increasing in scope and sophistication

Be aware of today’s greatest threats - the most recent being the data breach at Equifax where millions of victims’ sensitive information was obtained, but we should also be mindful of a more menacing threat, criminal networks and nation-states such as Russia and China. Corporations not only need to improve security measures for the lone-wolf hacker, but also gear their security toward defending against cyber criminals and nation-states.

Companies also need to be more aware of the escalating number and sources of cyber threats by increasing their security, educating and training their employees and, implementing policies and processes toward reducing vulnerability. Being proactive will be your best ally.

There are various steps companies can take to combat these threats, at little or no cost.

  • Education and training for all employees
  • Monitoring social media
  • Strengthening password protection
  • Cybersecurity programs and policies
  • Risk assessment

Bob Anderson brings us an in-depth update on the current cybersecurity landscape, as well as detailed tips on how companies can reduce their exposure to these attacks.

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