Becoming GDPR Ready

Reaping Rewards Beyond Just Compliance

The data governance and privacy standards for businesses that handle European Union residents’ personal data are about to become more complex. Outlined in the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the strict new rules apply to many more companies around the world than previous standards. Essentially, all organizations that market to an international base must take heed.

With enforcement beginning in May 2018, a few organizations are undertaking steps to prepare. However, many have not started – and some are unaware that GDPR exists. Because GDPR is complex and very different than many standards, including the U.S. sector-based laws currently in place, delaying action is an ill-advised move. The good news: taking actions now to address the requirements has the potential for significant business benefits that go beyond just compliance.

In “Becoming GDPR Ready: Reaping Rewards Beyond Just Compliance,” Navigant professionals outline what GDPR is all about and provide practical guidance on how organizations can derive value by taking actions today.

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Many experts believe that GDPR has the potential to become a de facto global standard for data governance and privacy.

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