Tilting Back Toward Independent Medical Practice and What it Might Mean for Hospitals

Navigant’s Jeff Goldsmith via Modern Healthcare

While the country remained fixated on the fate of Obamacare, HHS, headed by arch-conservative orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tom Price, has been quietly looking for ways to help independent practicing physicians. Recently, the department exempted most practicing physicians from the Merit-based Incentive Payment System reporting requirements of MACRA for 2018. It also markedly reduced the amount of hospitals' 340B subsidies for drug purchases, which had quietly fueled a boom in hospital purchases of medical oncology practices. Finally, the CMS recently ended two mandatory hospital-centric bundling programs that, among other things, conveyed control over physician incomes to hospitals. 

It is possible that this is just the beginning of a campaign to re-advantage independent practitioners at the expense of hospitals, writes Navigant’s Jeff Goldsmith in Modern Healthcare.


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