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The Road to a North Sea Grid

Through a series of thought leadership pieces, Ecofys and Navigant are documenting the latest thinking on a coordinated North Sea Grid


The North Sea Grid was conceived as an initiative to harness wind power more effectively through an interconnected offshore grid while helping to meet European carbon emission targets. In addition to vital contributions to European renewable energy and climate goals, careful planning of this infrastructure could also bring about jobs and new protected areas for marine biodiversity.

While the benefits are clear, realizing a North Sea energy system is not without its challenges. In a series of thought leadership pieces, Ecofys and Navigant explore the different aspects of bringing forth a coordinated North Sea Grid. From an analysis of stakeholder views to suggested courses of action to overcome barriers, scroll down to explore our latest insights

A sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable North Sea energy system would secure Europe's technological leadership, accelerate job growth, and allow the energy industry to export its success globally.

Kees van der Leun
Ecofys, a Navigant company

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