Clinical Integration Maturity Self-Assessment

Find your position on the maturation curve for value-based care, and identify strategies to grow

Do you ever ask these questions about your CIN or ACO?

  • Are we truly making care more coordinated, reliable, efficient, and affordable for patients?
  • Where is our return on the investments we have made into our CIN/ACO?
  • How can we generate results without cannibalizing our revenues and margins, which are already susceptible to degradation?
  • How can we recognize physicians’ contributions, and enable them to practice at the top of their licenses?
  • How does the CIN/ACO function within and alongside our enterprise to drive results?

These questions are all different manifestations of the same fundamental question: “How can organizations create and sustain value from the networks they have developed?"

This assessment is designed to help you view clinical integration as both a noun (the network) and verb: the set of actions an organization must implement to achieve return on investment through superior performance, market differentiation, and sustainable growth.

Let’s get started!

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