Embracing Innovation and New Technologies

Healthcare Real Estate 2018 Outlook, Part 1

Envision the Future and Understand the Enterprise's New Role

  • Managed care providers, exemplified by UnitedHealth, will continue to grow their urgent care, surgery centers and analytical capabilities.
  • Retailers, like CVS, which currently offers consumers access to routine primary care through its placement of clinics, are expanding their programs into chronic care.
  • Apple, formerly in negotiations to buy medical-clinic network, Crossover Health, indicates how the tech colossus envisions its burgeoning role in the market of health and wellness.1
  • Emerging technologies — virtual care/telehealth, precision medicine, artificial intelligence — are at the forefront of changing the economics and delivery of healthcare.
  • Consolidated patient information, through a standard platform, such as Blue Button at HealthIT.gov, will make information easily retrievable for patients and facilitate the integration of new technologies into healthcare.

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There needs to be a higher and more focused sense of urgency to compete in the fourth industrial revolution.

Fred Campobasso
Managing Director, Healthcare Real Estate Group

What Providers Should Do:

Technology will be a catalyst for enterprisewide cost savings and efficiencies. Inaction and not understanding the elements and consequences of moving too slowly must be avoided.




1 Jonathan Vanian, “Apple Considered Buying Medical Startup Crossover Health,” Fortune, Oct. 16, 2017.

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