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Micro-Hospital Webinar: Small Facilities Making a Big Impact

How do you know if a micro-hospital is a fit for your organization? We'll help you find out.

Micro-hospitals have been listed among the top 10 healthcare trends for 2018. As they gain serious consideration in health system portfolios that address population health and access to care, the focus is on three core areas addressed by our on-demand webinar: the strategy behind them; how to operationalize one; and probably most important, how to build and deliver one successfully. On this page, you'll also be able to access other informative articles and videos to help you determine how a micro-hospital can be part of your ambulatory portfolio. 

Micro Hospital Webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

In this short video, Navigant healthcare real estate group Director Phil DeBruzzi provides more in-depth answers to some of the most frequently asked questions he and his colleagues receive regarding micro-hospitals and how they can, and should fit, into a provider's ambulatory strategy.


When delivering a micro-hospital, this is absolutely the most important factor: On the owners’ side, you have to look at your team differently, and it needs to be a hybrid team that is out-patient focused in their experience. This is NOT hospital lite. And if you go into the project thinking it IS hospital lite, the building will be too big, too expensive, and you won’t get where you need to be.

Dave C. Brown
Navigant Healthcare Real Estate Group

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