The 70/30 Rule for Healthcare Facility Planning and Transformation

A simple method for driving operational effectiveness and change

Before you put the shovel in the ground for new healthcare facility construction, or embark on extensive physical renovations, consider the 70/30 Rule. 

The 70/30 Rule is a rule-of-thumb devised by Navigant healthcare real estate construction experts, honed by decades of experience and hundreds of projects. When a healthcare organization is in the throes of operational planning, trying to determine how its facility will meet the needs of both its patient population and medical staff, 70 percent of the changes sought by management can be enabled through process improvements within the existing facility, with the remaining 30 percent resolved by physical renovation or new construction.

In an era of healthcare reform in which providers must do more with less, healthcare executives are encouraged to first develop a future state that defines new operational flows, processes, and more efficient staffing models. This is where we have seen hospitals have the most opportunity for the most significant transformation.

Joe Kucharz


Navigant Healthcare Real Estate

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