Trump Takes Aim at ISIS

John Walker comments on Trump’s plan for defeating ISIS in Defense News

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to come up with a plan in the first 30 days in office to destroy the Islamic State group. To do so, he will have to break a few rules or at least change the way we think about winning wars. He may use traditional military might, but in the end that will not make us more secure, nor is this an effective strategy for all the other disaffected groups that will surely spring up in the years ahead.

Our world is changing with advancing technology and accessible information. For Trump’s plan to be successful, he must certainly defeat ISIS on the battlefield, but the problem goes much deeper than that. In a world where the enemy is diffuse and the tools to wreak havoc are ubiquitous, the best (and maybe only) recourse is to marshal our vast strategic advantage in data collection, synthesis, and interpretation to stay ahead of developments on the ground.

Enemies can prevail in war in ways that are less direct or traditional. What can we do to level the playing field and prevent attacks that have the potential to destabilize society? 

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