Aligning EU Finance with the Paris Agreement Goals

Navigant publishes recommendations for sound climate proofing of EU investments

Navigant developed a concept for aligning the multi-annual EU budget with the Paris Agreement goal of keeping the global temperature increase well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. In a new report for the European Climate Foundation, our energy experts provide recommendations for climate proofing the EU budget. This will help ensuring investments directly support the EU climate targets and do not, directly or indirectly, lead to an increase of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Considering the typical infrastructure investment lifetime of more than 50 years, investment choices taken today will be critical for achieving the mid- and long-term EU climate targets,” explained Moritz Schäfer, associate director at Navigant and lead author of the report.

As a starting ground, Navigant provides recommendations on clear definitions and methodologies for the implementation of a mitigation-focused climate proofing concept.

“A consistent definition of climate proofing covers the energy efficiency first principle, the consideration of specific decarbonization pathways and resilience to adverse climate change impacts,” said Schäfer.

The recommendations mean to support the negotiations of related regulations for key infrastructure funds and programs. The proposed climate proofing hierarchy aims to inform the development of binding guidelines for a consistent assessment of greenhouse emissions across programs and projects.

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