Working Toward a Resilient Grid in Puerto Rico

Navigant’s global Energy practice leader, Jan Vrins, discusses the challenges in rebuilding Puerto Rico’s electric infrastructure during a recent Keystone Policy Center Energy Board meeting

Last year, Puerto Rico’s power grid endured severe damage from hurricanes Irma and Maria, and rebuilding efforts have been underway since. The challenge, however, is not just to rebuild, but to ensure resiliency by building back better.

During the Keystone Policy Center’s latest Energy Board meeting, Jan Vrins, Navigant’s global Energy practice leader, joined leaders of other organizations to discuss efforts to date in Puerto Rico and the considerations that will affect reliability going forward.

Vrins noted that there is a need to balance the use of existing assets while building new infrastructure, and that relying on the same technologies used in the past is not a safe strategy.

“These disasters are going to keep happening,” Vrins said. “Putting the wires back up over and over again is not the answer.”

Learn more about this discussion in a blog post by Keystone, and download the Build Back Better report, which analyzes Puerto Rico’s storm damage and provides rebuilding recommendations to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), the Puerto Rico governor’s office, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other stakeholders. Development of the report was led by Navigant.

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