Wind Turbine OEM Consolidation

Jesse Broehl contributed an article discussing global trends in the wind energy market to Renewable Energy World

Jesse Broehl, a senior research analyst with Navigant Research, offered insights into a wide range of trends in the wind energy market in an article for Renewable Energy World.

Navigant Research’s report, World Wind Energy Market Update 2018, published in August. The annual assessment analyzes wind installation activity, providing insight into annual rankings and market shares of major global wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“This cycle was especially noteworthy because 2017 was the first year that significant merger and acquisition (M&A) activity was fully reflected in the annual capacity installation data,” said Broehl. “This includes the annual capacity installation results of a major 2016 merger within the top global vendors — with Siemens’ and Gamesa’s wind divisions now a combined company."

According to Broehl, this merger was followed by further M&As, including GE acquiring Alstom’s wind turbine assets, and Nordex (of Germany) acquiring Acciona’s (of Spain) wind turbine division.

The 2017 rankings put Siemens Gamesa in the top position of annual installer of wind plan capacity at 8.7 GW, followed by Vestas with 8.6 GW. However, GE’s wind division dropped two places, from second in 2016 to fourth in 2017.

“More relevant than splitting these minor annual differences is to acknowledge that these two companies are now peers. As global heavyweights in the sector, both are capable of installing an impressive amount of wind capacity at significantly higher levels and geographic diversity than most of their next competitors,” said Broehl.

The report also ranked numerous Chinese companies in the global annual top 10 ranking considering the large volume of wind capacity installed in the country. China’s Goldwind received third place, remaining the largest wind turbine manufacturer.

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