What It Means to Be a Global Leader in Consulting

Consulting magazine profiles Jan Vrins, Navigant’s global Energy practice leader, who was recognized for his influence across the overall consulting profession

Jan Vrins, managing director and leader of Navigant’s global Energy practice, was recently named one of Consulting magazine’s Global Leaders in Consulting. The magazine’s January issue highlights his role at Navigant, the importance he places on teamwork, and his take on industry transformation.

Vrins, who joined Navigant in 2014, has more than 25 years of consulting experience and energy industry leadership roles across North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Throughout his career, he’s cultivated a reputation for growing businesses in diverse, international markets. And as a respected thought leader and the head of Navigant’s Energy practice, he now oversees more than 600 management consultants globally, providing services that help clients navigate the energy transformation.

His biggest accomplishment in the last year, he said, is growing the firm’s global footprint through the acquisition of Ecofys, a leading European energy and sustainability consultancy, and the bridging of cultures that has developed as a result.

For Vrins, his team is a source of pride. According to the article, he says it’s a privilege to work with some of the brightest consultants in the world, and that being recognized as a leader “demonstrates our commitment to bringing the best of Navigant to our clients.”

“It means our perspective and guidance on key issues affecting the energy industry has resonated with our clients and employees around the world, and that we continue to be looked to as a trusted advisor in a time of uncertainty and immense opportunity,” Vrins said in the article.

As for his biggest factor to success, Jan credits his family for their support of his career, including his busy travel schedules and long work weeks.

Vrins was one of 150 nominees and one of 20 inaugural honorees recognized for outstanding leadership qualities and the ability to exert influence firmwide, with clients, and across the overall consulting profession. He was formally recognized during a Consulting magazine event in London on January 7.

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