Understanding Innovation in Energy

Navigant joins Zpryme’s On the Grid podcast to talk about innovative partnerships in an evolving energy landscape

“Innovation” and “innovative partnership” are big buzzwords in today’s energy sector. But what do these words actually mean for stakeholders and traditional business models?


Dan Bradley, managing director at Navigant, recently appeared on Zpryme’s On the Grid podcast to breakdown these buzzwords and explain how new types of partnerships between electric utilities and vendors are creating value for industry players and customers alike.


“…at the core of the relationship between the partner firm and, say, the electric utility, is a business model, which separates that partnership from what may typically be the longer running relationship between a vendor and a buyer,” Bradley explained. “And so, the ‘innovative’ means instead of just a company showing up at the door and having a long-term relationship with its customer — selling devices, selling software under a normal buyer-seller type of relationship — now all of a sudden you have two parties who have a business model and go to market together to deliver value to customers for cost savings, or whatever they may be targeting.”


Bradley added that the ‘innovative part’ also refers to the fact that it takes a significant amount time and thinking to set up these types of partnership in the right way.


Listen to the full podcast to hear Bradley’s “lemonade stand” analogy to further explain the concept. He also addressed the notion that utilities can be slow movers when it comes to innovation, and shares an innovation of his own: a desktop microgrid he created.

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