Navigant Delivers Expertise to UK Residential Vehicle-to-Grid Initiative

According to a Utility Week article, Navigant will enable technical innovation in the transportation sector, providing project advice and analysis

During the next three years, Navigant will serve as a key advisor and participant in a UK initiative aimed at developing the first large-scale trial of residential vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging.

The initiative, which received £3 million funding from InnovateUK, is led by Octopus Energy with consortium partners Navigant, UK Power Networks, Open Energi, Energy Savings Trust, and Chargepoint Services. Together, the group will roll out V2G charging technology to UK electric vehicle (EV) drivers this year.

For its part, Navigant will contribute project advice, analysis, and dissemination, focusing on grid integration and business model development, and covering areas such as new flexibility markets, customer propositions, and benefits for distribution system operators and market participants.

Ultimately, the £7 million project will install 135 V2G chargers in a cluster delivery model that will facilitate research into the impact of widespread EV rollout on the UK’s energy grid, according to a Utility Week article. The project will demonstrate the benefits of using domestic EV batteries to provide grid flexibility, cheaper transport and energy to homeowners, and faster decarbonization of the UK's power and transport sectors.

“Our project focuses on the residential market, so is quite ground breaking as V2G services are in a very early stage in this segment,” said Mark Livingstone, director at Navigant. “Very few chargers and EVs are equipped for this role at present, so we will have technical innovation to test as well as customer response and system performance questions.”

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