The Internet of Vehicles and Optimization of Supply Chains

Navigant joins IoT Time Podcast to discuss connected cars, smart transportation, and the internet of vehicles

Shawn Chandler, a director within Navigant’s global Energy practice, joined the host of IoT Evolution World's IoT Time Podcast to discuss the latest trends in IoT and the internet of vehicles.

The show’s host, Ken Briodagh, started the discussion off with questions on optimizing vehicle supply chains using artificial intelligence.

“With the advent of super computers in your hand, at least by 1980s standards, we've started to be able to push things out to the edge towards all of the capabilities that that creates, in what I call the big two draws for artificial intelligence, optimization and classification,” said Chandler.

In his response, Chandler discussed a method for optimizing systems by analyzing management of fleets and the supply chain, which specifically focuses on visibility of products in order to improve logistics and track mobile assets properly.

“In terms of IoT, we have a number of taxonomies, or ontologies, of automotive systems and automated systems. It’s not just about the vehicles; it’s also about servicing orders and giving customers situational awareness on where their goods are,” said Chandler.

Later in the podcast, Briogagh and Chandler dig further into the specific levels of autonomous driving and the crossover of IoT and vehicles through vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

“These vehicle-to-vehicle communications are really relevant when thinking about these levels, because you have these different messages you need to exchange, and they need to happen every few seconds.

Chandler explained that an ideal vehicle-to-vehicle system would transmit data every few seconds between vehicles within a thousand feet of one another, sparing human drivers the mental load of scanning for emergencies and physically driving their vehicles.

“In the future, other vehicles will be helping your vehicle. It’s not just your machine; it’s other machines, and that way you’re seeing over the horizon.”

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