The Future of Solid-State Batteries

Navigant’s Ian McClenny is quoted by The Verge in an article on building safer batteries

In an article by The Verge, Navigant’s Ian McClenny, lead analyst for Navigant Research’s Advanced Batteries Innovations research service, offered insight on the state of the solid-state battery market for EVs.

“It’s been promised that solid-state batteries are going to hit the market in the next two to three years for the past four to five years and investors are growing increasingly impatient with the progress of solid-state,” said McClenny.

According to McClenny, nearly all EV manufacturers have claimed breakthroughs in the technology, however they are still far from commercialization.

“I don’t think solid-state is really going to be an option until the early or mid-‘20s because the lifespan of the cells is not there yet,” said McClenny.

According to The Verge, current solid-state batteries may only last a year and a half which is incomparable to standard lithium-ion batteries using liquid electrolytes, and they won’t be useful in the EV market currently driving battery innovation.

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