Navigant’s Richard Shandross Discusses the Future of Energy Transformation with Northwestern

Profile by the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University

Richard Shandross, an associate director within Navigant’s global Energy practice was profiled by the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University, his alma mater. In the interview, he discussed his vast experience in the energy space and perspective on the future of the energy industry.

After graduating from Northwestern in 1979, Shandross continued on to MIT, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and eventually to Navigant’s Technology Innovation and Management group, where he assesses emerging energy-related technologies and develops policies to create a more sustainable future.

“We support the Department of Energy in developing the minimal efficiency standards required by law. We do much of the background work, in terms of coming up with test procedures for appliances, along with the efficiency standards themselves,” said Shandross.

He also told Northwestern that the future of energy transformation in the U.S. is at a tipping point.

“Distributed generation and renewable energy are gaining more public acceptance, there are more installations, and the price for renewable energy is lower. It's catching on, and it’s really transforming parts of the country,” said Shandross.

Additionally, Shandross told the school he works on power grids and their emerging technologies (i.e., renewable energy, distributed generation, and microgrids) with a focus on transactive energy.

“One aspect of this is that suppliers are allowed to buy energy at wholesale prices and from cleaner or more preferred sources and give prosumers—the people who have extra energy to spare from solar panels and such—a better rate for their excess power than what they would get from the utility,” said Shandross.

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