Navigating the Sustainable Manufacturing Transformation

In an upcoming white paper, Navigant shows the manufacturing industry how to secure opportunities from the emerging Energy Cloud

Operating at the intersection of energy and materials, the global manufacturing industry will be affected by the major transition in the energy sector and the shift towards a more sustainable and resource efficient economy. In the preview of an upcoming white paper, Navigant describes these converging disruptive trends across energy and materials as the Sustainable Manufacturing Transformation (SMT).

Amid this transformation, current production systems will become more sustainable, responsive, and digitized — just as the energy ecosystem evolves into a cleaner, more intelligent, distributed, and digitized network of networks, the Energy Cloud.

Overall, Navigant has identified six megatrends that are shaping the direction of the transformation across three major transformational waves: climate action, energy system transition, circular economy, anything as a service (XaaS), additive and micro-manufacturing, and industry 4.0.

In the executive summary Sustainable Manufacturing Transformation – Securing Opportunities from the Emerging Energy Cloud, shared ahead of the full white paper coming out later this year, Navigant's energy consultant team explores how manufacturing companies can create additional value for customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders through optimized and responsible operations.

To navigate the sustainable manufacturing transformation successfully, companies need to look beyond their business boundaries and factor in the transformation of their value chains.

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