Sustainability Through Teamwork

Navigant partnered with Shelton Group on a recent report

An organization’s stance on sustainability is becoming increasingly important, however, crafting the right stance, targets, goals, and metrics can be challenging. 

For a recent report, Sustainability Through Teamwork, Navigant worked with Shelton Group to help organizations navigate the challenges of sustainability business strategies. The report is intended to help companies make the most of their sustainability journey, and it provides insights from interviews with sustainability representatives from leading corporations on their approaches. Additionally, Navigant examined different sector-specific approaches on advancing the collective journey toward building a low-carbon future. 

According to the report, leadership in sustainability is becoming a competitive advantage as organizations commit to science-based goals and targets to respond to shareholder, regulatory, and customer demands. Crossing the finish line means a company has established itself as a leader, but reaching the finish line requires significant preparation, good mentoring, and the right tools and strategy — but most importantly, it also requires teamwork.

“A company’s journey to a sustainable future will only be accomplished with a committed team,” said Noah Goldstein, director at Navigant. “This paper sets out the preliminary approaches that must be taken to begin that journey, and to make it a success.”

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