Supporting Cities in Climate Change Adaptation

Navigant assists the C40 network in building adaptation planning capacity

This month, the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group kicked-off its Climate Adaptation Academy. Jointly developed by C40 and the City of Rotterdam, the academy assists cities in the development of a realistic climate change adaptation plan and its integration with other policy domains.

Sarah Hendel-Blackford, managing consultant at Navigant, is among the adaptation experts informing the program. Starting with Toronto, she will deliver the module on “Ecosystem-based Adaptation” to 10 megacities selected from around the world over the course of one year.

The module explores how through the restoration, conservation, and sustainable management of ecosystems, the services that ecosystems provide enable cities to become more climate resilient, for example, to flooding, extreme heat, and forest fires in the urban hinterland.

Cities will learn how they can implement adaptation measures within the urban environment and beyond, which can improve both the quality of life of citizens and the resilience of the city itself.

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group connects more than 90 of the world’s greatest cities, representing over 650 million people and one quarter of the global economy.

About the Experts

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