Understanding Energy Cloud 4.0

Navigant joins the Smart Grid Today podcast to discuss navigating clients through the energy transformation

Jan Vrins, the head of Navigant's global Energy practice sat down with the Smart Grid Today podcast to discuss how Navigant's 600 consultants are helping clients navigate through the energy transformation and the recent release of its whitepaper "Energy Cloud 4.0: Capturing Value through Disruptive Energy Platforms."

Triggered by large shifts in the energy industry, Navigant researchers coined the term “Energy Cloud” in 2015 as a means to communicate the changes required to prepare utilities for moving from central energy distribution towards distributed energy resources (DER), as well as the general disruption to energy markets from the growing pace of renewable energy and natural gas generation across the globe.

In Navigant’s "Energy Cloud 4.0: Capturing Value through Disruptive Energy Platforms," Vrins says distributed energy resources (DER) will grow eight times faster (525 gigawatts in total) in the next 10 years in the U.S. compared to net central energy generation of 66 gigawatts.

In this interview, topics of discussion including energy platforms, DER, future regulation, utility platforms, transactive energy markets, smart cities, business models, transportation, and revenues streams are all covered.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Vrins explain the Energy Cloud concept as a “network of networks” and the need for utilities to innovate with viable platforms rather than simply banking on the latest technologies.

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