Financial Institutions Demonstrate CO2 Impact

Navigant assisted Platform Carbon Accounting Financials members in compiling recent report

Fourteen financial institutions, members of the Platform Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), have calculated the CO2 impact of their assets, with the support of Navigant, in a recent report. The goal of PCAF is to work towards a portfolio with a low CO2 impact, in accordance with the Paris Convention on Climate Change.

Over the past two years, PCAF members have developed a uniform, open-source, and transparent methodology enabling financial institutions to set and measure CO2 targets. The new report contains methods for listed shares, project funding, government bonds, mortgages, corporate financing, property, and corporate loans and indirect investments.

The PCAF members have applied their methodology to over one trillion euros of the aggregate assets managed. Navigant supported various PCAF members with the implementation of carbon accounting, and supported the effort by reviewing, providing expertise, and editing the final report.

This report aids financial institutions with their investments, they can exert influence on CO2 impact by considering the carbon footprint of various assets in their investment decisions. PCAF is one of the first initiatives in which financial institutions work together to measure and reduce CO2 emissions.

The report will be presented to MEPs in Brussels and at COP24 in early December 2018.

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