A New Experience for Utility Customers

In an article for Utility Dive, Navigant Research discusses how utilities are adapting to changing customer demands and an evolving industry

Utilities are being challenged to evolve their customer service experience and extend resources in an industry where many are still working to achieve basic capabilities. This shift is a result of proactive consumers demanding more choices and expecting more personalized services.

In an article for Utility Dive, Michael Kelly, research analyst at Navigant Research, said, “The reality for most utilities is that they are still putting significant efforts toward enabling basic capabilities to support existing business models.” 

However, he noted, utilities are beginning to adjust to the changing paradigm, many doing so through digitizing their core services. Several utility companies are investing heavily in digital self-service technologies and extending these capabilities to mobile platforms, which give utilities a mobile front door.

“To facilitate higher rates of digital adoption, utilities have turned to personalized and proactive alerts and insights, such as high bill alerts and weekly energy updates,” said Kelly. “These types of programs have been successful in both attracting utility customers to enroll, and in generating real energy savings.” 

Kelly said that utilities must not only focus on optimizing core services, but also consider how to remain relevant in an environment that could position them as simple wire and poles companies. Utilities can do this by searching for new product, service, and business model development, something that is already playing out in some deregulated markets.

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