Master Systems Integrators and Smart Buildings

In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Navigant Research discusses why MSIs might be the missing link to mass-market smart buildings

Today’s digital building systems are underutilized and operating in isolation, with the full benefits behind digital building systems unrecognized. Building owners need partners that can deploy integrated and interoperable digital systems for better occupant experiences, and operational and energy efficiency for bottom-line improvements.
In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Casey Talon, research director at Navigant Research, recognizes that there is an opportunity to implement master system integrators (MSIs) — a service provider that demonstrates domain expertise in IT systems and networking, building automation and controls, application software analytics, and support services — to enable interoperability for seamless evolution to data-driven, continuous operational improvement within buildings. 
“A new breed of master systems integrators will become key strategic partners that work alongside technology vendors and manufacturers to deliver full end-to-end smart building solutions. These solutions will leverage multiple system types along with the necessary networking and analytics,” wrote Talon.
Customers want to have solutions span their entire portfolio rather than focus on the region a systems integrator may support. The transformation of a commercial facility into a smart building requires cross-disciplinary expertise, data and analytics, and cybersecurity. 
Talon said, “The systems integrator market is healthy, but fragmented. The landscape is defined by a broad array of companies small to large, public and private, and local to multinational…. These characteristics suggest the time is right for consolidation to offer broader capabilities and reach.”

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