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In Power Utilities Fortnightly, Jan Vrins describes how Navigant drives the energy transformation by helping utilities prepare for disruptive change

The energy sector is undergoing a major global transformation. One-way power flow from centralized generation to end customers will give way to a more sustainable, highly digitized, and dynamic energy system: the Energy Cloud. 

In a recent interview with Power Utilities Fortnightly, Navigant’s Global Energy Practice Leader Jan Vrins highlighted how disruptive technologies will affect stakeholders across the entire energy value chain. Jan discusses Navigant's Energy Cloud 4.0 White Paper as a network of customer-centric networks and explained why utilities have to adapt to new forms of competition and customer demand. Working at the forefront of leading-edge technologies in the sector, Vrins is confident that Navigant is well-positioned to support clients in navigating the transformation.

“We help our clients develop their strategy or evolve their business models, so that they can continue to be successful in the industry,” he said.

By preparing a broad range of stakeholders for the changes ahead, Navigant also drives the energy transformation forward as a whole. Vrins’ ambition for the Energy practice is to deliver impact that goes beyond mere consultancy and advice.

“We believe we can accelerate progress and can create additional revenue streams,” he said.

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