Exploring the Impact of Regulation on the Cost of Onshore Wind in Europe

For Agora Energiewende, Navigant investigated the cost impact of different national regulatory environments for cross-border renewables cooperation

In a study for Agora Energiewende, Navigant Consulting, Inc. and eclareon investigated how differences in national regulations related to planning and permitting, grid connection, and taxation, as well as financing conditions, can affect cross-border cooperation.

Since the regulatory environment differs from country to country, the energy experts quantified the effects of national policies and regulations on the costs of onshore wind projects for the Pentalateral Energy Forum region (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland). The team found that in the PENTA region the cost impacts on onshore wind projects stemming from differences in national regulatory environments are significant and can even be larger than cost effects from differences in resource availability.

A more consistent framework for implementation is needed to benefit from the potential cross-border collaboration promises in view of resource efficiency and cost savings. The study suggests pragmatic steps for addressing differences in the costs of renewable energy projects that result from regulatory and administrative conditions.

Download the Agora report
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